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Upcoming and recent performances 

and information about collaborations and other artistic endeavors.

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As part of ASU's 2nd annual mindfulness conference, I gathered a group of dancers together to share a message of mindfulness and social change.

I directed a circus show

Exist Messengers of the Cosmos


An astronomy-inspired circus performance that takes you on a journey through the cosmos. Exploring what it means to be alive and present in the age of science and how we are connected to the lives of stars.

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Recent Performance. November 2018.


The Emerging Artists series presents thesis and capstone projects created by Master of Fine Arts candidates in dance. Students investigate personal stories and thought-provoking issues through live performance, film and interactive media.

Emerging Artists II features the works of Laina Carney and Halley Willcox.


*there's a chance this page may not be up to date. Reach out and let me tell you what I'm up to next.

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